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10 galleries - more than 200 free pictures!
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10 galleries - more than 200 free pictures!
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FAQ (Frequently asked Questions and their answears)

On this place we are collecting all the questions, which we had to answear a couple of times in the past. Missing your question? Write us! has four memberships:

  • Free Membership: The Trachtenstrip Free Membership offers you a whole range of exclusive benefits and is completely free for you! You get access to a number of fine galleries with hot Dirndl photos! In addition, our free members receive many more pictures, goodies and information about the Trachtenstrip by Newsletter! And on top of it, there's still our coveted desktop wallpapers for your computer!
    Free membership is permanently free.
  • Premium package: The Premium package gives you the following: Access to 60 Trachtenstrip galleries with 1200 beautiful photos, access to the download archive and you also get all the new galleries that we publish!
    Premium package is for 1 month. 

  • Connoisseur package: The Connoisseur package is reserved for the true fans of the Trachtenstrip: You get access to the complete Trachtenstrip picture archive with over 2000 beautiful photos in over 120 galleries, plus access to the download archive with our high-quality desktop backgrounds and you get in addition, all the new galleries we publish! As a cherry, you get all of the last years' Trachtenstrip calendars for download. If you would buy them in our shop it would cost you over € 40.00!
    The Connoisseur package lasts a whole year and then announces itself!

  • Deluxe package: The deluxe package includes all the contents of the Connoisseur package and in addition you get these benefits on top: You will receive an exclusive Trachtenstrip calendar, our great Allstars calendar! The contains 24 motifs on 12 double pages, plus extra page! It is printed on thick, high quality photo paper and has the format A3! The Allstars calendar contains the best motifs from 15 years of Trachtenstrip plus some previously unpublished images! He comes without a calendar table, so you can hang him up regardless of the year and month, so that you always see your favorite motives!
    But that's not all: In addition to the calendar you will receive three high-quality art prints in A3, signed on request by Trachtenstrip photographer Andi Karosser!
    And because that's not enough, the deluxe membership not only holds 1 year, but 2 years and then automatically terminates!


With all memberships you support our work on the Trachtenstrip! Many, many thanks for that!


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The Trachtenstrip Club is an exclusive club for lovers of erotic and passionate Dirndl photography. We take pictures of girls from all over the world in their most beautiful dirndl dresses (and sometimes only in their underwear, if at all) and present them here in the form of high-quality picture series!


Our girls come from all walks of life: we have students, nude models, architects, barmaids, secretaries, flight attendants, riders, teachers and, who knows, maybe your girlfriend...

They all want to tease, seduce and play with you. You probably want to see more, get more... And sometimes you get that, and sometimes - not.

There is still enough space for your imagination here...


For those who want to get a taste of the electrifying world of dirndl photography, we have created the free Membership. This is your gateway to our crackling club and offers you a whole range of great content for which you have to pay absolutely nothing! Never! Promised!


If it may be a bit more, then one of our premium memberships is the right one for you! With it you dive deep into the Trachtenstrip and get full access to all our treasures! In addition, you support our work and become a valuable part of the Trachtenstrip!

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We treat your data strictly confidential. We use state-of-the-art security software to encrypt all your personal information and protect it from misuse. So your membership at remains secure.


Detailed information on data encryption: Both credit card numbers and bank details are protected against misuse. Thanks to the modern security software SSL (Secure Socket Layer), unauthorized persons have no access to your personal data. SSL encrypts your information BEFORE you place your order.


SSL is currently the most advanced security system on the net. It is therefore also used by many banks for online banking. Of course, in the future we will always use the latest security standards to ensure optimal protection of your personal information.


Our partners Paypal and Stripe have committed themselves to the highest safety standards. Their standards you can read here and here!


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This is great! You are welcome to support us financially, the easiest way is via Paypal:

But you can also become a sponsor for a shooting! This goes with or without naming, as desired by you! Just write us if you want more details, to

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Phew, so first of all: the Trachtenstrip is not a partner brokerage. And the protection of our girls is the most important thing for us. Surely it's not you, but there are some pretty broken guys out there who do not have their marbles all together anymore. Therefore, we do not give out any contact details of our models.


But if now your salvation depends on it, we can offer you the following: You write us a mail with everything you want to tell the girl on and we pass this on to your heart lady. She then decides if she wants to contact you.
Fair, right?

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We think that's good! In principle there are several possibilities of cooperation:

  • Sponsore a shoot: You become the sponsor of a shoot and you are called and sponsored as a sponsor on all channels where the shoot is promoted. In addition, the pictures get your branding and you get them for free.
  • Outfit us: You are costume manufacturer, have great jewelry or burn good gin? We promote your product, either in a shoot or in our social media channels.
  • Come around with a good: in principle we are open for everything. Convince us. 😉

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We are always looking for new faces!


BUT: to avoid disappointment, please look at the girls we usually photograph. Do you notice a certain scheme? Well.


In other words, please be realistic. We can not (and do not want to) photograph spry omis, guys and super-size models. At this point you may like to scold us superficially, but we like to remain loyal to our line.


So you are female, between 18 and 40 years old and wear maximum dress size 38 and have no problem with it, if a photo shows off a nipple (minimum requirement: your breasts may be recognizable through a transparent dirndl blouse)? What are you waiting for? 🙂


What we offer:

  • a professional, FREE photo shoot in a great location
  • a set of 10-20 edited photos that you can freely dispose of (so there are no limitations)
  • Possibly expenses contribution for directions, as well as drinks and food

What we expect:

  • Good mood
  • More good mood!
  • You should have a least one Dirndl!
  • You do not need to be a professional model, let alone have any shooting experience. It just counts that you are in a good mood. 🙂

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We always get requests from photographers who would like to take pictures for us. However, we do not currently have a proper compensation system. That means we can not pay you.


If this does not bother you then contact us ( We push you through our social media channels if you like.


There is one exception: You have an absolute supermodel at the start, a unique opportunity, a 12 of 10, but you can not afford their fee? Write to us. Maybe then we can fix something with the help of the community.

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If you want to leave our elite club, you can simply delete your account in your member area. At the bottom is a link called "Delete my account". If you click that, it's over with us.

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You can pay with

  • Paypal
  • Stripe

Both of them offer all the usual payment methods, from credit card to direct debit. You only have to decide which service you prefer.


If you do not want to use any of the services offered and would like to transfer us directly, please contact us at


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A subscription can be cancelled up until the day before the next scheduled payment in order for you not to be charged.



  1. Go to the Money section of your Account Settings.
  2. Scroll down to 'Automatic payments' and click Manage automatic payments.
  3. Click the merchant’s name, and then click Cancel. (If the payment you’re searching for doesn’t appear in the table, click pre-approved payment plans above the table.)

You can also cancel pre-approved payments from your Activity page.

  1. Find the payment, or payment request, in your Activity and select it.
  2. Click Display debiting agreement details.
  3. Click Cancel.

Remember to cancel the agreement at least one day before the next payment is due. Otherwise, the payment may be sent.



Please send a mail at with your Username!

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