What is the difference between the memberships?


Trachtenstrip.com has four memberships:

  • Free Membership: The Trachtenstrip Free Membership offers you a whole range of exclusive benefits and is completely free for you! You get access to a number of fine galleries with hot Dirndl photos! In addition, our free members receive many more pictures, goodies and information about the Trachtenstrip by Newsletter! And on top of it, there's still our coveted desktop wallpapers for your computer!
    Free membership is permanently free.
  • Premium package: The Premium package gives you the following: Access to 500 beautiful photos, access to the download archive and you also get all the new galleries that we publish!
    Premium package is for 1 month. It renewes monthly until you chancel it. 

  • Connoisseur package: The Connoisseur package is reserved for the true fans of the Trachtenstrip: You get access to the complete Trachtenstrip picture archive with over 2000 beautiful photos in over 120 galleries, plus access to the download archive with our high-quality desktop backgrounds and you get in addition, all the new galleries we publish! As a cherry, you get all of the last years' Trachtenstrip calendars for download. If you would buy them in our shop it would cost you over € 40.00!
    The Connoisseur package lasts a whole year and then announces itself!

  • Deluxe package: The deluxe package includes all the contents of the Connoisseur package and in addition you get these benefits on top: You will receive an exclusive Trachtenstrip calendar, our great Allstars calendar! The contains 24 motifs on 12 double pages, plus extra page! It is printed on thick, high quality photo paper and has the format A3! The Allstars calendar contains the best motifs from 15 years of Trachtenstrip plus some previously unpublished images! He comes without a calendar table, so you can hang him up regardless of the year and month, so that you always see your favorite motives!
    But that's not all: In addition to the calendar you will receive three high-quality art prints in A3, signed on request by Trachtenstrip photographer Andi Karosser!
    And because that's not enough, the deluxe membership not only holds 1 year, but 2 years and then automatically terminates!


With all memberships you support our work on the Trachtenstrip! Many, many thanks for that!


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