What is the Trachtenstrip-Club?


The Trachtenstrip Club is an exclusive club for lovers of erotic and passionate Dirndl photography. We take pictures of girls from all over the world in their most beautiful dirndl dresses (and sometimes only in their underwear, if at all) and present them here in the form of high-quality picture series!


Our girls come from all walks of life: we have students, nude models, architects, barmaids, secretaries, flight attendants, riders, teachers and, who knows, maybe your girlfriend...

They all want to tease, seduce and play with you. You probably want to see more, get more... And sometimes you get that, and sometimes - not.

There is still enough space for your imagination here...


For those who want to get a taste of the electrifying world of dirndl photography, we have created the premium memberships. With it you dive deep into the Trachtenstrip and get full access to all our treasures! In addition, you support our work and become a valuable part of the Trachtenstrip!


If you don't want a Membership, you can check out our Picture Store!