The most beautiful girls in Dirndl Dresses!


 Trachtenstrip: The most beautiful thing Bavaria has to offer!

What is it that makes the Bavarian Dirndl dress too fascinating? Why are more and more women wearing a "traditional dress", even though they have nothing to do with Bavarian or Austrian tradition?

Well, maybe it's because in these troubled times there is a kind of return to old values, as a protest against the ever-advancing globalization and leveling.

Maybe the Dirndl is also a kind of global expression for a special bond with Bavaria and the Alpine regions?

We certainly know exactly why WE are so attracted to women in Dirndl dresses: a Dirndl just just make every woman look beautiful and if you then have a girl who even without dirndl looks famos, the Dirndl turns it into a living dream. 🙂


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